Lightwork and Emotional Release

Are You Ready to Find Love and Light?

Intuitive Lightwork Sessions

A lightworker's purpose is to help others identify and remove the darkness in their life such as hate, depression, anger, frustration, worry, fear, and other negative thoughts.  We work to identify any negative blocks that prohibit you from moving forward in your life.  Sometimes, we are even able to connect to your past lives and remove blocks.  Once the blockages are released, we will fill the space with love and light - leading to more overall joy and happiness.

Every session is unique to each individual.

These intuitive sessions help identify spiritual and emotional blockages that are the underlying cause of physical pains and ailments.  

Our goal is to fill that space with Love and Light to find more happiness in life. 

Emotional Release Sessions

Emotional releasing is a natural healing technique used to improve your overall emotional health.  It focuses on releasing negative emotions that can result in anxiety, immune depression and even accelerate the aging process.  They can also result in “trapped emotions”, or emotional energies that are left behind after an emotionally-charged event.  These trapped emotions can cause underlying causes of illnesses that we suffer from.  Emotional release allows me to identify what emotion is trapped, where it is trapped within the body, at what age it got trapped, and possibly the event that trapped that specific emotion.  

Emotional release typically takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on how many emotions your body is ready to release.  Typically, your body will let you release between 1-10 emotions during a session.