My Herbal Healing

My Journey To Healing


Since I was young, I have always been drawn to the Willow Tree, and now I understand why as I have come to understand - this tree represents my journey beautifully.  

Willow Healing is about finding harmony within your body; letting go of the past and finding hope for the future. 

The Willow tree represents flexibility and adaptability, thriving in most challenging conditions, and growing from these challenges.  Once you overcome the obstacles - you will come out stronger, more stable and find hope.  This is my journey to finding hope and healing....

I started alternative therapies such as herbs about 15 years ago and have never looked back.  I was constantly sick and not getting any relief from doctors, but one day-a very good friend of mine told me I looked like crap and I should go see this herbalist she met.  I had been to about 7 different doctors, tried a variety of medical pills, and nobody could help me with any of the issues I was experiencing.  I didn't believe in all that herbal healing stuff but decided to try it anyway.  What did I have to loose at this point.  

I was very skeptical about trying this, after all - I didn't believe in vitamins or supplements so why would herbs work? I met with Nicholas Schnell at Four Winds Natural Healing Center and he conducted my holistic healing assessment on me.  The discussion was very informative and super interesting!  I walked out of his office feeling like I had a sense of relief and finally got a hopeful path to feeling better.  

Within two days, my friends were already making comments about how  my eyes were brighter and I was also noticing a difference.  From there, I was hooked on herbs!

It was a new journey for me.  Being told I had organ imbalances was confusing at first for me. But his office guided me through the transition to western herbalism.  I experienced several "healing crisis" over the years, only to come out feeling better. It has been life changing for me.  Along this journey, my husband and I were trying to have a baby, we did complimentary herbal treatments with a reproductive endocrinologist because I was told I had less than a 10% chance of having a baby on my own.  Nicholas was wonderful during the six year struggle to have a family, but I truly believe using complimentary options helped us have the two wonderful boys we have today.

My health hit a bump in the road in 2014 that led me to find even more passion for healing with energy work.  One day, I woke up gasping for air.  It was the scariest time of my life.  I tried various herbal remedies, which helped to a degree, but being as severe as this was, 

I went to three different doctors and ER - none of them could give me any relief or answers. Nicholas was treating me perfectly, but this was something on a deeper level...  I found one doctor who reminded me that grief and sadness resides in the lungs, and I needed to process my grief and go to a counselor.  

At that point - I would have tried just about anything. In herbalism school, I learned about emotions and how they relate to disease, but I never fully grasped it until the months to follow...As I would go to my counselor and process childhood trauma - I would cry - then I could breathe better.  It was eye opening for me and I wanted to learn more. That is when I went to school to learn more about Reiki and was introduced to emotional release.  I went through two levels of Reiki and am now a practitioner.  But while going through certification for that, I discovered something even more fun - emotional releasing.  This is a technique that finds trapped emotions in your body, and releases them. I had a lot of emotions to let go of from the past.  

Recently, I have been blessed with the ability to receive messages from the spirit realm and have identified as a Lightworker - to help clear darkness in the world and bring love and light.  I have been able to connect with my guides, connect to spirits, remove past and present negative blocks - which has allowed me to have expanded happiness.  

Now that I am breathing better, I can look back on the past  years as a lesson from my body - it was time to let go of the past - now that I have been awakened some - I feel that I have come out finding hope for the future, I survived a very challenging time and am stronger than before....just like the willow tree.

It was a challenging journey and I am thankful that I have found my life's passion!

My Experience


My goal is to assist you in obtaining an improved quality of life through natural healing techniques such as herbal supplements and vitamin recommendations, energy, and emotional work.  I was trained by Prairie Star Center for Herbal Studies, under instructor Nicholas Schnell, from Four Winds Natural Healing Center.  I studied a year of Western Herbalism and a year of Traditional Chinese Medicine, followed by patient clinics. 

At this time, I am working to obtain my Registered Herbalist (RH) designation.  I am also certified in Reiki



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