Patient Testimonials



Jolynn Liddick-April, 2019

I met Angie at one of the health expos in town and she told me she could tell me something about my health by looking at my tongue. I was in shock and awe when she began telling me some of the things I had been struggling with for many years. She continues to amaze me every time I meet with her, she gives me me recommendations on natural ways to heal my whole body. Everything she recommends helps. Having sessions with her is SO fun as she is welcoming and caring. She makes you feel like she has known you her whole life from your first consultation and helps when other things are happening in your life as well. 

I recommend Angie to everyone I can find and could never give her high enough kudos. If you are struggling with something, please go see her ~ you will never be disappointed!!

Katie Badger reviewed Willow Healing5 star

August 13, 2018 · I started meeting with Angela because I had been suffering from the shingles virus for almost 10 years starting at age 25. My immune system was not good and none of the doctors were willing to figure out how to help other than prescription pills. I began seeing Angela November 2017 and I haven’t had shingles since. She took the time to explain everything and got to the root of my shingles issue. She has also helped with my sinuses and stomach issues. I will continue to go to Angela and know that I am being taken care of.

Jen Ben reviewed Willow Healing5 star

November 18  · Prior to an energy healing I had pain in my left shoulder, that I did not mention. During the healing I noticed it was gone. I had more energy the next day like a weight had been lifted. Two days later I had a situation arise that normally would have set off anxiety but was calm. I will definitely go back for another session.

Risa Peterson reviewed Willow Healing5 star

June 29  · I initially came to Angi seeking help for severe menstrual cycle problems. I had tried every option (aside from surgery), with my primary care giver, and by this point, I was willing to try anything to help. After visiting with Angi and working on a plan to treat my cycles, I found myself experiencing significantly less pain, a manageable flow, and more predictable cycle, which was such an improvement to my emotional and physical well-being!I am now a repeat client of Angi’s, currently treating a skin condition that is considered untreatable in western medicine. When I had it previously, I was told I just had to wait it out. It took about 2 months to resolve. This time, I saw Angi quickly, and I am happy to say that my issue is nearly completely resolved after only two weeks of treatment. I got immediate relief from the symptoms, and could not be happier with my results!
I appreciate Angi’s approach, and she has earned my respect and trust as an herbalist. If you have ever considered herbal treatment, but are on the fence, please take the leap of faith and meet with Angi!

Patrick Hancock  reviewed Willow Healing5 star

April 11· Educated, compassionate and caring service offered by a delightful professional.

Carolyn Scott  reviewed Willow Healing5 star

March 28 · So happy with my experience!! Started my customized tincture after sitting down and discussing everything that was going on with my body. Went from having headaches almost everyday and now have been headache free for about 2 weeks now and I am sleeping so much better at nights.